On a bicycle, the quite challenging cycle route to the mysterious ruins of the Black Castle in the Tríbeč Mountains begins in the village of Zlatno. The first two kilometers lead through the forest on an asphalt road, but further on you will be informed by a tourist sign to turn right. You will continue deeper and deeper into the forest, on a gravel-dust road with a gentle, steep climb higher and higher towards the end. At the top of the climb, another sign inform you to turn left. From there, after a 200-meter walk, you will finally find yourself on the desired rocky cliff, where the Black Castle once stood in its full beauty.

On the castle hill, you can relax, have a picnic, or grill on a prepared fire pit.
The way back is already fast and the descent by bike will take about 30 minutes. However, you have to be careful and drive with your head when going downhill, and don’t save on the brakes!

Considering this legendary place, but also the fact that several people have mysteriously disappeared in these mountains, I recommend you stick to the tourist routes. There may be pitfalls and caves here. Although only a pile of stones remains from the Black Castle, still, perhaps under the influence of legends, one gets the feeling that something mysterious is hidden in these mountains. Perhaps this is also due to the deep silence that prevails in the forest.

Some adventure researchers consider the Tríbeč Mountains as a place where the Nazis could have hidden the treasure captured during the Second World War (in addition to this place, a location in the Czech Republic and also in Poland can be considered). The castle is currently undergoing gradual conservation.


Level of difficulty: hard

Route length: 7 km

Height difference: 256 m

Terrain: asphalt road, stony forest road
Type of bicycle: mountain bike


Zlatno (0,0) – Tourist sign with a right turn (2,0) – Tourist sign at the top of the climb with a turn to the left (6,8) – Black Castle (Čierny hrad) (7,0)


Black Castle (ruins) – built in the 13th century as part of the fortification system of the country after the Tatar invasion. The role of the Black Castle was to protect the gold fields in the local streams. Finds of pottery from the Early Stone Age and Early Middle Ages indicate that there was an older settlement here. The castle, as a former noble residence, lost its importance in the 16th century. Since then, it has gradually deteriorated.

Zlatno – a village famous for glass production. In the local glass factory, they invented the technique of iridescent glass, which in 1873 gained extraordinary admiration at the world exhibition in Vienna. Much iridescent glass was successfully exported to America and England.


2 mountain bikes for 1 day with transport to Zlatno: 26 EUR
3 mountain bikes for 1 day with transport to Zlatno 35 EUR
4 mountain bikes for 1 day with transport to Zlatno 44 EUR

Deposit: 50 EUR per bike (it will be returned after handing over the bike).

Included in the rental price

Bicycle rental for 1 day.
Transportation of bicycles to Zlatno.
Equipment: tools for minor maintenance, spare inner tyre, pump, lock.

Delivery place

Zlatno – parking lot by the forest at the end of the village (delivery and return of bicycles).


Bike helmet rental: 2 EUR/piece (on request).
Rental of reflective vests: 1 EUR/piece (on request).

A larger number of bicycles are also available for group activities (on request).

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