Pleasant cycle route, with diverse nature, starts in the park near the Topoľčianky Castle. Throughout the journey to Hrušov Castle, you will follow to the green tourist sign. The cycle route leads along an asphalt road past vineyards, rows of apple trees, a stud farm with freely grazing horses and up to forest of the wild game reserve. Do not forget to turn left in the forest. A green tourist sign and a sign with an arrow and the inscription “Hrušov” informs you about the right direction. The last section follows – along a stony road uphill. The last 2 km can be considered the most difficult, because in many places you will rather push the bike, but with a little effort even smaller children can do it. You will be rewarded for your efforts with a beautiful panoramic view from the medieval fortress and a feeling of satisfaction that you did it!

The journey from Topoľčiansky Castle to Hrušov Castle takes about 2 hours. It takes about an hour to return along the same route. You can also return to Topoľčianky by going down from Hrušov to the main road leading from Skýcov to Topoľčianky (however, this is less safe for children).


Level of difficulty: medium

Route length: 9 km

Height difference: 256 m

Terén: asphalt road, stony forest road

Type of bicycle: trekking bike


Topoľčianky (0,0) – Stud farm Hostianske (6,0) – Wild game reserve (6,5) – Castle Hrušov (9)


Stud farm Hostianske – Lipizzaner breeding. Lipizzaners are popularly used for dressage riding. Spanish riding school, whose performances are also held in Topoľčianky.

Wild game reserve – founded by Jozef August von Habsburg at the end of the 19th century. Deer, mouflon and roe deer can be seen in the reserve. In the times of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the wild game resreve in Topoľčianky was considered the best hunting ground on the territory of Slovakia.

Castle Hrušov – the ruins of a medieval fortress from the 13th century with wonderful views. The fortress had a defensive character and protected the medieval trade route along which salt was transported from Vielička in Poland to Estergom in Hungary.


Trekking bikes per 1 day: 10 EUR per bike
Deposit: 50 EUR per bike (it will be returned after handing over the bike).

The rental price includes

Bicycle rental per 1 day.
Transportation of bicycles to Topoľčianky – to the parking lot near to the castle.
Equipment: tools for minor maintenance, spare inner tire, pump, lock.

Delivery place

Topoľčianky – to the parking lot near to the castle.

Additional services

Bike helmet rental: 2 EUR/piece (on request).
Rental of bags placed on a carrier: 5 EUR/piece (on request).
Rental of reflective vests: 1 EUR/piece (on request).

A larger number of bicycles are also available for group activities (on request).

Ordering bicycles: +421 902 210 108,